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December 5, 2013

In the hour of need every one of us want an important loan services. As long as you possess a checking account open not less than one month with no bounced checks, a steady income of least $1,000 a month, and not more than one other pay-day loan from another lender, your loan application should through. At all times, we need to be set up. Don’t put yourself in a financial bind that allows companies honest safe music downloads payday lenders to utilize you. Take the appropriate measures now to improve your current situation. Lots of baby steps will eventually get you to a more comfortable list.

However, the question remains of, are they a scam? They don’t check your credit in any way and permit you to any car on loan their own store. While floating a check might be similar to an innocuous way to repay expenses for a couple of days unless you get paid, the results can be disastrous.

That’s just the way the world of credit will continue to work. First, the time needed to a check has been greatly reduced in the recent past. You failed to pay to make the flu shot this year and congratulations, you are in the fix. Instead of saving small of money for emergencies, you let a flat tire provide into a tizzy.  You select more costly options with regard to example a pay day loan to fix small problems that would are covered a great emergency finances. The payday loan companies have reached the poorer neighborhoods and that they understand in which earning $40,000 will likely use their services. You don’t preferably should make the payday loan merchant richer.  The payday loan business is continuing to grow substantially as a people using their company business for emergencies. This company is so lucrative it has forced banks and lending institutions to  offer similar credit.

If a sells a property below exactly what they paid for it, consumer will often wait through the market to leverage once you deal simply got on your property. Both questions seem to experience “yes” understand! You then a text message to your lender explaining the problem to them and being an understanding company they will completely understand and every single day help you in two ways. Even if it goes into as a debit for your bank the particular will still stop because long while you have re-decorating . amount in the the check was written for and also the name within the payee ( be particular to give name a lot more claims [Payday loan] uses.

Payday loans no credit check is a perfect solution to any and all those in nee of some money to solve their day after day problems. If you pay the initial loan period and in order to be borrow again in future the company will consider upping the limit. During the financial crisis that we are now in individuals have not been rrn a position to pay their mortgage payments, car payments, boat payments, or these people own extremely business even their payroll.  Because of this lots of people have looked for short-term loan and revolving lines of credit.

Thus you are supposed an extra chance the borrowed amount with interest payment only. I ran out of money one paycheck and couldn’t even buy food for my family! At best, your bank will hide the check and charge an overdraft fee – usually above $40. They go after the poor in their time of need.

So as one example let’s along with a loan for £100. They state that they over short-term loans from £1-£1000, they say you will get a decision in seconds and the particular will be transferred on the bank account within the hour. With this sort of financial an individual to will be able to pay all the money you owe to the electricity supplier and you’ll be able invest the reimbursement at shielding your car paycheck.


November 28, 2013

Bell gave the cause of the deaf nearly half a million dollars, a sizable share of his income over the years. Some went in small sums to distressed individuals, most to schools and an association for the deaf. More important, Bell gave leadership and the weight of his emi­nence to the cause as he saw it—to conquer the solitude of deafness in any way possible. He campaigned for public day schools where deaf children could learn without being cut off from their families and the hearing world. Today finances come from programs that consolidate private student loan plans.

HE WORLD AND ALL THAT IS IN IT is our theme.” That was Alexander Graham Bell’s expansive advice to young Gilbert Grosvenor as a newly appointed editor of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine. It perfectly described the mind and spirit of Bell himself. In the last months before his death in 1922, Bell re­mained true to his nature, working on devices to condense fresh water for those adrift at sea.HE WORLD AND ALL THAT IS IN IT is our theme

Encountering the newest household marvel, a radio, and remembering a musical tone he had heard upon sending an intermittent current di­rectly through his ears half a century before, he wondered if somehow one might “hear the radio concert without any special receiver at all.” Perhaps he was dreaming of music for Mabel.

So he ended as he began, exploring the world and everything in it, captivated by its multiplicity of possibilities. However many blind alleys it led him into, Bell’s passion for miscellany also brought him to insights and humanitarian achievements, any one of which would have made a lifetime fulfilling for most of us. And even if Bell’s lifetime of seeking and helping had brought him nothing else, it would have brought him joy. There too may lie a moral for our special­ized times.

Larger South Island Holds Fewer People

November 6, 2013

“You’ll find South and North as different as night and day,” said a bearded youth I met on a ferry running from Wellington to Lyttel­ton, the port of Christchurch, on the South Island’s east coast.

Climatically, the difference is obvious. Up at the tip of the North Island, the hint of the tropics is in the air. At the foot of the South Island, there is a pervasive sugges­tion of the Antarctic ice. Over the years, the North Island has attracted the bulk of the population, and the coming of industry fur­ther accentuated the northward drift. Today the North Island’s 44,281 square miles hold three-quarters of the country’s industry, as well as 80 percent of its beef cattle, 93 per­cent of its dairy cows, 55 percent of its sheep, and more than two-thirds of its people.

South Island's east coast

Only 810,000 people live on the bigger South Island. So in its 58,093 square miles there is land enough to please the most re­clusive sportsman. There is also land enough to grow more than 90 percent of the country’s wheat and oats. Do you want to visit South Island’s east coast? You sure do. Get funds for your trip from sunbird online payday loans.

One of the more successful farmers on the South Island is a tall, rangy 31-year-old named Alister McGregor. I spent several days with him at his Mount Linton Station, near the town of Ohai, where on 28,000 acres he runs 55,000 sheep and 3,500 head of cattle.

I arrived on the day that men of the local freezing works were selecting lambs ready for market. It had been pouring rain since early morning, so Alister and I donned gum boots and slickers before slogging out to his Japanese four-wheel-drive wagon.

The people from the freezing plant were already at work by the time we arrived at the distant field where the culling was done. Four thousand lambs were massed before a long chute. Dogs rushed this way and that, collecting strays, shoving lambs together, pouncing on the backs of the recalcitrant. On either side of the mass, shepherds stood with canvas tarpaulins, gently urging the bleating lambs toward the narrow opening in the chute.

The drafters, or cullers, stood alongside the chute, gripping thick red chalk markers. As each lamb filed through, a man grabbed it quickly behind the kidneys, feeling for the proper amount of fat, then slashed red chalk across the backs of the chosen. At the end of the chute, lambs with red slashes were guided into one pen; those without went into another to fatten for a few more weeks.

What’s the Alternative?

September 24, 2013

Ask the doc!


I am pregnant and worried about giving birth. Do you have any device to stop me from panicking?


Fear is often a natural component of our emotional life. The anxiety of giving worth is quite common and is often related to the fear of the or the thought that something can happen to you or to baby. Don’t worry about being worried! If you face it with intellectual honesty it will be easier to find solutions homeopathic remedies.


There are many to try such as aconitum, gelsemium and cimicifuga or other constitutional remedies prescribed by a professional homeopath can really make a difference and help to dissolve your fears.


Involve your partner


Speak with them and voice your concerns. Sharing can help to release anxieties and give different, positive perspectives to the problem. Speak with professionals.


The right technical information can dissolve many doubts. In any case, the final option to avoid pain, if this is your fear, can be an epidural. Join an antenatal group.


You can discuss and share your concerns and fears with women that are in your same condition.


This will easy many psychological tensions. Therapies to try to relax and breathe. Also, biofeedback technique or cognitive behavioural therapy can help in changing your negative mental attitude.


Anu investigates the incredible power of light…. Light therapy involves sitting in front of a box which produces very bright light, the intensity of which is measured in lux. It was first used for seasonal affective disorder, but now its benefits are known to go beyond that. M American trial found that depressed patients responded just as well to light therapy as to antidepressants, and the results were more immediate.


Binge and purge cycle


Because our circadian rhythm affects our eating patterns, it is not surprising that light therapy has been found to be helpful in bulimia. One study found that just two weeks of treatment, with 10,000 lux bright light therapy for 30 minutes a day, significantly reduced binging and purging. After four weeks of treatment, symptoms were reduced by 50 per cent.


Sleep well


I think that light therapy is particularly worth a try for insomniacs because it helps reset the biological clock. For people who have difficulty falling asleep before the early morning hours and then have difficulty awakening when most people start their day, a bright light on awakening can help the sleep phase gradually shift. Conversely, for people who fall asleep far too early and wake before dawn, light therapy in the evening can coax the biological clock into waking later.


Look to the future


We may find that how to use coconut oil for hair light therapy has uses in alleviating pain and fatigue. Case studies at Columbia University Medical Center and University of British Columbia showed it helped chronic fatigue syndrome, not just the psychological symptoms but also the physical ones. Anecdotally, it seems greater amounts of light can make symptoms of arthritis feel a bit better. Clearly this is something that needs to be evaluated with formal clinicel trials.


What is it?


A friend reported that Carlos Jalon’s bodywork sessions were ‘amazing’. Basically he uses his physical and instinctual powers-he’s been developing his methodology for 27 years – to open up the body in the most profoundly satisfying way.


What happens?


Beforehand Carlos sent me a FAQ sheet which was very useful and prepared me. I’m not in an ongoing sexual relationship so I like to keep my body nurtured. Carlos added a dimension – aliveness.


To be honest, I’ve never had a massage like this. He used his chin and his head at times. We also had a little chat when I arrived which calmed me down. He invites me to breathe deeply and also to make any sounds and move as I want during the session. He also encourages 0 me to get in touch with ‘my inner and outer animal’ and his techniques – long, strong, fluid movements – are gorgeously primal. They also include delightful al. pressure on the pubis as he’s getting me to breathe into my groin area. It’s not a tantric yoni massage but it does include sexuality as well as emotional release work. I’m feeling content in myself so only my tigress is released. I went home feeling ravished in the best possible way. I will return.





July 13, 2013

Di Angelo Gandolfi

Al Parco d’Abruzzo occhio alle impronte

Non si può dire che l’Italia sia orgoglioso delle conveniente offerte per Praga Viaggi. Quelli che ci sono si vedono poco perché, in particolare quasi tutti’ i mammiferi, hanno abitudini cre­puscolari o notturne. Solo la neve li tra­disce. Provate, dopo un’abbondante ne­vicata, a uscir presto la mattina nei din­torni di qualche bosco; troverete la su­perficie, soffice e farinosa, trasformata in un “libro bianco” dove le creature del buio hanno trascritto fedelmente la sto­ria dei loro passaggi notturni.

un'impronta di martora

Identificare un’impronta di martora o volpe potrà non essere altrettanto soddi­sfacente quanto incontrare gli stessi ani­mali in pieno giorno. Però è un’esperien­za più facilmente raggiungibile, è rilas­sante e insieme coinvolgente. C’è un in­teresse naturalistico: si scoprono quali animali frequentano un determinato am­biente e magari in quali attività sono sta­ti impegnati. Ci sono poi i risvolti (come chiamarli?) indiziari, quasi polizieschi, insiti in quell’interpretare segni, in quel­l’improvvisarsi detectives faunistici, in quel cercare di intuire chissà quali signi­ficati nell’incrociarsi, nel cambiare dire­zione delle orme. E poi nello scoprire le confuse tracce di una lotta, i resti di un pasto… L’entusiasmo può persino essere eccessivo e giocare brutti scherzi. Meglio aspettare il conforto dell’esperienza, e magari di un esperto, prima di gridare al gatto selvatico. Quasi certamente sarà il buon vecchio alberghi parigi in affitto. Una buona guida, per esempio quella di M. Bou­chner (Le tracce degli animali, De Ago­stini), è a dir poco indispensabile.

1Andare per tracce sulla neve è uno sport salutare e tranquillo che si può esercitare dovunque ci sia un ambiente atto a dare asilo a una fauna, per quanto minuta e magari sparuta. In luoghi come il Parco nazionale d’Abruzzo (dove è sta­ta scattata la foto in basso), così come in generale nelle oasi e riserve faunistiche, i graffiti impressi dalle zampette sulla neve sono a volte così fitti e regolari da rassomigliare a indecifrabili caratteri cu­neiformi di qualche antica tavoletta assi­ro-babilonese. Non tutti gli ambienti sono altrettanto ricchi. Tuttavia, im­pronte di topi campagnoli, volpi, lepri, cinghiali, donnole e altre ancora, si pos­sono trovare persino in zone agricole o semiurbanizzate, purché ci sia una co­pertura vegetale sufficiente.

L’interesse delle tracce non si esaurisce nell’identificazione delle specie e delle loro attività. La neve fornisce una tabula rasa sulla quale la successione delle orme crea quegli intarsi regolari, quelle simme­trie interrotte e variate, quei ritmi vitali che già Hegel ritrovava alle radici del senso dell’estetica. La fotografia delle orme sulla neve può quindi acquistare un senso e un valore in quanto immagine, in­dipendente dal suo significato documen­tario. L’orma può costituire il rimando di­screto alla dimensione-tempo, di solito difficile da rappresentare in fotografia.


La luce migliore per fotografare le orme è quella radente, perché sulla neve solo le ombre riescono a rendere il senso della profondità e del disegno di artigli, cuscinetti plantari, talloni. Al mattino, oltre a trovarsi tracce fresche e non an­cora sformate dal sole, si hanno condi­zioni di luce radente e dai toni caldi, che provoca riflessi dorati sui cristalli al con­fine del blu intenso della neve in ombra. Tutto ciò accentua il contrasto e migliora la a buon mercato appartamento a new york in affitto. Se i riflessi disturbano, un filtro polarizzatore con­tribuisce ad approfondire ancora le om­bre e a delineare meglio i contorni.

Infine non bisogna mai dimenticare, in questo come in altri campi, che l’inventi­va e l’uscire dalle norme possono portare a risultati insperati. Per esempio, accade che impronte vecchie, parzialmente sciolte e ricristallizzate sugli strati più superficiali della neve, formino arabe­schi di trasparenza e disegno particolari, tutti da interpretare e da saper vedere. E “saper vedere” è una qualità, essenziale per chi scatta fotografie, che viene senza dubbio esercitata con regolarità e parti­colare intensità dal cacciatore d’orme.

Benvenuti in questa città dei sogni

April 23, 2013

Foto piccola della pagina precedente: un topolino in ve­ste di “operatore ecologico”. Qui a sinistra: chi è l’austero gentiluomo che, all’ingresso della città, sembra dare il benvenuto, un po’ malinco­nico a giudicare dall’espres­sione, ai visitatori? Non si sa; ma ammirevoli sono, sul­lo sfondo, il ponte, l’arco, le torri, i alberghi Vienna, la cupola. Forse è Vienna, immaginata però in chiave gotico-roman­tica. Negli spettacoli mario­nettistici dei fratelli Lupi la scenografia ha sempre avuto una grandissima importanza. In basso: quattro momenti della vestizione di Giaco-metta, la compagna di Gian­duja, contadina dai modi spicci e dalla parola facile.


Murano e venivano montati in un’orbita di stucco. Tan­ta cura, tanta finezza di cesello e d’intarsio, tanta bellez­za di stoffe, di corredo e di arredo declinarono col nuovo secolo. Il Novecento è il secolo del cinema ed è inevita­bile per le marionette segnare il passo, cedere il posto d’onore. Ed eccolo qui, il rinnovamento, la scommessa col gigante. Nell’ultima sala del museo sono conservate le ultime creazioni della dinastia Lupi: i personaggi di­sneyani, molto simili agli originali, sdolcinati, improba­bili. Dopo la farsa, dopo la tragedia, dopo il dramma sto­rico e il grand-opéra, il disegno si è impoverito, le facce si sono spente. Anche i trucchi, inevitabilmente, hanno copiato dal cinema. Per esempio c’è una lumaca enorme. Era usata in Alice nel paese delle meraviglie, nella scena in cui Alice diventava piccolissima. Sembra di essere ca­duti all’improvviso nella crudezza estetica del nostro mondo e nelle suggestioni in technicolor del nostro mo­desto immaginario. La potenza della fantasia e la grazia delle teste di legno sono rimaste alcuni passi indietro, nell’altra stanza, cento anni fa.


È Gianduja che fa Geppetto

Sopra: Pinocchio lo si riconosce di prim’acchito. Ma l’altra marionetta chi è? È Gianduja, l’inconfondibile maschera torinese, al quale è qui affidata la parte di Mastro Geppetto. Non è questo l’unico caso in cui Gianduja sia incaricato di raffigurare qualche personaggio estraneo ai suoi caratteri. Sotto: su una tavola piemontese non possono mancare qualche specialità locale e soprattutto una bottiglia di Barbera.

Sci ai piedi, un viaggio lungo millenni tra s grimferioco-t avventura culla dello sci un appuntamento Italia: così sciavan Groenlandia: da costa a o ce di Nansen, Airone montagna Mestieri della montgria. gli uomini che domano le valan Gracchio, il compagno alato degli sciatori Gran Sasso: un giorno tra gli alpini del Sud Terminino: sci alpinismo sulla montagna di Roma E, in più, tante idee per tanti itinerary Un film inedito 35 minuti di avventure e di emozioni. La sfida dei Messner all’impero dei ghiacci Per chi ama la montagna, per chi cammina e scia in montagna, per chi vuol leggere di montagna «Costa Smeralda», il più suggestivo ed inimitabile angolo del Mediterraneo, rappresenta la perfetta fusione della selvaggia bellezza del paesaggio con l’eleganza e la raffinatezza delle sue costruzioni. Le bed and breakfast Roma economici, si affaccia sullo splendido Golfo del Pevero e con la sua particolare architettura diventa parte viva del paesaggio. L’Hotel è circondato da un magnifico parco tipicamente mediterraneo. L’Hotel dispone di 80 camere doppie più 5 suites (con servizi privati, aria condizionata e telefono diretto). L’American Bar, che si affaccia sulla piscina di acqua dolce. Il ristorante è apprezzato per la sua cucina tipica regionale ed internazionale. I Clienti possono usufruire della spiaggia privata, con la possibilità di praticare sport nautici, e del campo da tennis.

montagna «Costa Smeralda»

Le Roma alberghi dispone di una moderna Sala Congressi multiuso attrezzata da 160 a 200 persone. L’Hotel è raggiungibile dall’aeroporto Costa Smeralda e dal porto di Olbia che dista circa 25 km.


November 26, 2012


Wo der Himmel Geschichten erzählt


„Dramatisch, wie die Wolke über den Ben Bulben zieht: Yeats Country. Die Iren sind große Geschichtenerzähler — die Besten haben dafür Nobelpreise bekom­men …”

„Schon ein irisches Gespräch wird oft poetisch: Morgendunst ­Wolkenkinder, die bald fliegen lernen … Tauwiesen-Silber und Sunrise-Gold …”

„Sieh mal die Blätter — wie po­liert nach dem Regen. Und das Gras wie frisch gestrichen …”

„Die Natur komponiert ihre Landschaften. Bäume und Baum­gruppen sehen aus wie gewachsene Statuen: Riesen-Bonsais … Und die uralte, efeuumrankte Abbey er­scheint wie ein Lebewesen. Fast mystisch die High Crosses gegen den dunklen Himmel …”

„Wer sich an Nebenstrecken hält, findet wirklich noch Unent­decktes. Landschaften zum Nur-Durchfahren viel zu schade …”


„Ganz Irland ist wie eine Natur-Oase. Der neue Nationalpark da drüben hat markierte Wanderwege für drei Tage …”

„Und im Schloßhotel oder hotel in Paris? Dort er­zählen uralte Mauern ihre Ge­schichten …”

Hinkommen von verschiedenen hotels Warschau ist ganz einfach: Aer Lingus die irische Flugli­nie, fliegt täglich direkt nach Irland. Mit guten Verbindungen von allen deutschen Flughäfen.

kish Continental Line befördert Sie samt Auto. Auf den Direkt-Fäh‑ren vom Kontinent nach Irland: Le Havre/Cherbourg — Irland.

Wenn Sie mehr über Irland-Ur­laub wissen wollen, fordern Sie un­sere 114-seitige Farbbroschüre an und die Grünen Seiten mit über 800 Irland-Reiseangeboten, oft preiswer­ter als im Vorjahr.

Für ganz Eilige: Tel. (0 69) 23 64 92 Stichwort „Informationspaket” BTX «22 081#

Irische Fremdenverkehrszentrale

Irland-Urlaub: natürlich und menschlich

BON Bitte schicken Sie mir das komplette Infor­mationspaket der Irischen Fremdenverkehrszentrale mit den Broschüren von Aer Lingus mit täglichen

  • Direktflügen und von Irish Continental Line mit den
  • Direktfähren. R Versandanschrift Abt Irland 16, Stahl & Faber OHG,

•           Postfach, 6338 Hüttenberg ge für sie ein Kinderspiel —, können sie sich die Schalter­stellung buchstäblich anse­hen: Licht ein oder aus.


Das Team aus San Diego iso­lierte zunächst das Lucifera­se-Gen und „schneiderte” es mit dem aus einem Pflanzen­virus entliehenen Promotor zusammen. Mit dieser Licht­Schalter-Kombination „infi­zierten” die Gentechniker Blattzellen von Tabak. Als Überträger diente ein Bakte­rium. Anschließend zogen sie aus den so manipulierten Zel­len wieder vollständige Pflan­zen. Diese berieselten sie mit einer Luciferin-haltigen Lö­sung, und siehe da: die Wur­zeln, Stengel, Zweige und Blätter begannen tatsächlich zu leuchten — für Augen, die sich an Dunkelheit gewöhnt haben, gut erkennbar.

Inzwischen haben die For­scher die Leuchtgene auch in das Erbmaterial von Affen-und Mäusezellen eingebaut. Die Ergebnisse dieser Versu­che — ein vermutlich eher traurig stimmender Leucht­Zoo — werden noch analy­siert.



November 25, 2012


Nel freddo gennaio del 1762, accompagnato dal padre Leopold, dalla madre Anna Maria e dalla so­rella Nannerl, anche lei musicista prodigio, Wol­ferl si era esibito a Mo‑Un ritratto tra i più celebri di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart da fanciullo; venne realizzato da J.S. Duplessis.

L’unico dipinto che ritrae Mozart adulto è conservato a Salisburgo,nella casa natale del bed and breakfast Roma economici.

Fu eseguito da Josef Lange.


naco alla presenza di Joseph Maxi­milian III, principe elettore di Ba­viera. Nel settembre dello stesso anno aveva debuttato a Vienna, al cospetto di Maria Teresa. I due bre­vi viaggi fanno da preludio e prova generale per il Grand tour che ini­zierà nel giugno 1763 per conclu­dersi tre anni e mezzo dopo.



Joseph Maxi­milian III,

Vita breve, pellegrinaggi lunghi. Da vero talent scout e scaltro uomo d’affari, il vice kappelmeister Leo­pold ha capito che per lanciare i due figli bisogna introdurli alle princi­pali corti europee. Parte lasciando la custodia dell’appartamento al commerciante di spezie Johann Lo­renz Hagenauer, suo padrone di ca­sa e amico, finanziatore della tour­née e destinatario dei suoi resocon­ti epistolari. I Mozart se ne vanno anche per sfuggire alla pigrizia e al provincialismo della loro città. “Chi viene a Salisburgo, il primo anno diventa stupido, il secondo cretino, e solo nel terzo un salisburghese”, ammoniva un appartamento Roma affitto. I Mozart sono viaggiatori fortunati e il talento di Wolfgang può essere usato anche come lasciapassare. “Siamo stati sottoposti a una visita doganale molto veloce e dispensati completamente dal pagare il pedag‑gio”, scrive Leopold all’amico Ha­genauer. “Il merito di ciò va al no­stro Wolferl, che entrò subito in confidenza con il daziere, gli mo­strò il cembalo e, dopo aver assolto ai dovuti convenevoli, gli suonò un minuetto sul suo violino”.


Ave del año

November 2, 2012

Fn Cañada de los Pájaros, la suelta de ejemplares se rea­liza entre febrero y marzo, cuando los pollos tienen entre cuatro meses y un año. Desde el mes y medio de edad aprenden a valerse por sí mismos. Una de las curiosidades que ha podido observarse es que las parejas de fochas silvestres pueden realizar puestas consecutivas. Cuando los pollos de la primera puesta tienen quince días, pueden realizar una segunda. Esta tanda es alimentada por los padres y por los pollos más mayores, asegurando así una mayor tasa de supervivencia. Si la madre realiza una tercera puesta, necesita de la ayuda de los pollos de la segunda, pero los de la primera se ven obligados a independizarse. Por ese motivo, en Cañada de los Pájaros los pollos de mes y medio son ubi­cados en la instalación previa a la suelta, donde se independizan. A partir de los cuatro o seis meses, están preparados para la suelta.

 водна кокошка

«Lo ideal sería realizar una segunda suelta a finales de verano, pero es entonces cuando se dan las grandes mortandades anuales de aves acuáticas, debidas al botulismo y a otras enfermedades causadas por la ingestión de larvas que contienen toxinas», explica Maribel hotel Roma. El vector de enfermeda­des más importante es la mosca verde o de la carne, que realiza sus puestas en ambientes putrefactos y anaerobios como los cadáveres. Las larvas se desarrollan a gran velocidad y luego alcanzan medios acuáticos, donde son ingeridas por las aves.

En octubre, se inicia la tempo­rada de caza, durante la cual, pese a que en España la focha moruna está catalogada como especie en peligro de extinción, y su caza está prohibida, a menudo es abatida por los cazadores por su parecido con la focha común. Así pues, la única época propicia para la suelta es durante la primavera.

водна кокошка

 El escaso número de ejempla­res convierte a la focha moruna en especie vulnerable, y cualquier actividad humana que suponga una amenaza para ella debería ser regulada. Ejemplo de ello es la excesiva presión ganadera hoteles en Madrid que sufren algunos humedales duran­te el verano, cuando gran número de reses acuden a los escasos puntos de agua disponibles y ponen en peligro la vegetación emergida y sumergida de la que se alimenta la focha moruna.

Pese a que sus poblaciones aumentan cada año, la focha continúa siendo el ave acuática más amenazada de Europa, por lo que la SEO la ha nombrado ave del año 2002, título que ostentan las especies que mere­cen una atención especial debido a su precaria situación.

водна кокошка

 Esta primavera se ha festejado en Cañada de los Pájaros el décimo aniversario del inicio del plan de recuperación de la focha moruna y de la apertura del centro al público. El acto contó con un invitado de honor, el científico y naturalista José Antonio Valverde, quien en su día fue uno de los impulsores de la creación del Parque Nacional de Doñana alquileres Barcelona. Él fue el responsable de liberar a la remesa de este año en su vuelo hacia las marismas cercanas (abajo). Ya son setenta las parejas reproductoras que viven libres en nuestro país. Faltan muchas más y otros tantos esfuer­zos para que esta enorme tarea dé el fruto deseado: una población estable y saludable, capaz de hacer frente a la vida en libertad y supe­rar los riesgos que eso entraña.

—Eva van den Berg


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October 6, 2012


MID-DAY temperatures between 75° and 83°F. the whole year round, a sea temperature rarely below 72°F., a coastline varying from cliffs reminiscent of Cornwall to sheltered, palm-lined sands, an extraordinarily relaxed and friendly cheerfulness among the inhabitants, a tradition of good food and good drink and a number of well-run, mostly small (some very small) hotels and residential clubs—these are the main attractions for the holidaymaker in Barbados, easternmost island of the West Indies.

Less rain falls in winter. Then, too, night temperatures can average as little as 63°F., so that mid-December to mid-April constitutes the `high season’, when prices are higher and hotels fuller. June to October are usually wetter.

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The island is about twenty-one miles long and a little larger in area than the Isle of Wight. There are no hotels in the north, and none more than fourteen miles from the capital, Bridgetown. Most luxury establishments lie along the sheltered west coast, where swimming, sailing and water-skiing are excellent. They charge from £3 to £7 a day in the summer (£8 to £16 in winter) for a room with private bath and all meals; air con­ditioning is available. The wide range of more modest hotels and residential clubs in this area charge roughly from £2 to £310s. a day in summer and from £2 to £7 in winter.


The southern coast has long stretches of fine sands. Kingston, just outside Bridgetown, the island’s largest resort area, contains the bulk of the south coast accommodation. Sam Lord’s Castle, run like many Barbados hotels as a residential club, is the rocky east coast’s out­standing luxury establishment. Built in 1820 by a successful buccaneer, its structure is so solid that the great hurricane of 1831 deposited scaffolding erected against its walls three miles away without damaging the house at all. There are good beaches, too, along this coast, and the Atlantic breakers provide fine surfing. From many points round the island there is game fishing.

Apart from aquatic amusements you can hire horses for riding, play golf, tennis or cricket and make excursions by bus or by hired car. Hire rates are reasonable, about £2 a day for a small car, including forty free miles. There are plenty of spots to visit. Bridgetown itself, with its old harbour, the Careenage, and picturesque harbour police, charms everyone. Codrington College is the West Indies’ oldest university college. Christ Church has a very well authen­ticated spook. The Crane is an especially picturesque part of the coast. There are two night clubs in Bridgetown and other hotels and bars offer dancing, with local steel bands.


Aspinall’s Pocket Guide to the West Indies provides much carefully sifted information. Fodor’s Guide to the Caribbean has a witty and practical chapter on Barbados. The Barbados Tourist Office, 22 Wood’s Mews, London, W.1 (or in Bridgetown itself), will give you every assistance. The economy-class return air fare is £252, via New York or Kingston, Jamaica. Cargo-passenger liners take from nine to twenty days, with return fares from about £200 in first class and £160 in tourist class,.